AIFF Privacy Policy

The safety of your files is our main priority. That is why we maintain complete transparency withour users. While using the AIFF converter, you comply with our privacy policy. Here we will explain what data we collect and how we use them. The reason why we collect common data from our visitors is that we want to improve your user experience and review our website statistics and assess the overall performance of the AIFF converter.

Information collection

Browsing and using the AIFF converter’s website is completely free for all visitors. We do not collect nor ask for any personal and sensitive data from our visitors. Type of information that we do collect from our visitors may include browser type and version, referrals, duration needed for conversion of uploaded files, and date and time of the visit. Also, as do all other websites do, we may use your Internet protocol address to create statistics for our website and improve our functionality. We use collected data primarily for assessing the AIFF converter’s performance and finding ways to improve user experience.

How we manage user data?

AIFF converter automatically erases uploaded and temporary data in seconds after conversion. Converted files are deleted within 1 hour after the conversion. The only person who can download the converted files is identified through his IP address.


The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. We do not retain your uploaded files or share them with third parties. However, we can’t guarantee the safety of the files during transmission through the Internet. We make sure on our end that your files are safe. Once you download your converted files, they will be automatically deleted from our servers within 1 hour.You can be at ease while using the AIFF converter because your files are protected from unauthorized access and disclosure except if asked by court order.

However, the AIFF converter website may have advertisements from third party websites. We arenot responsible for third party websites security and how they handle the data you may provide to them. Check their privacy policy for more information about that issue.


According to Wikipedia, an HTTP cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing. AIFF converter has cookies, like most sites, that have the role of gathering impersonalized data from visitors, as mentioned in Information collection. These cookies are active only during the user is on our website. Also, some of our advertisers use cookies to improve ad serving. If you get across some third party websites trough the AIFF converter, check out their privacy policy for a detailed report on how they use cookies.

Changes and updates

In parallel with growing and improving the AIFF converter’s performance, we might need to change and update our Privacy Policy. Check this page periodically to be up to date. The current Privacy Policy is effective immediately. For additional information that you have an interest in go to the Contact Us page to send us a message