About Us

A team of highly motivated professionals developed the AIFF converter with one purpose – to make the most efficient AIFF to MP3 converter. We created a simplified design and straight-forward conversion process for the best user experience. AIFF Converter is everything you need to convert your files the easy way. Developers made this converter online so that our users didn’thave to register or install software to convert their files to MP3 format.

We formed a company stationed in LA so that we could continue improving and working toward optimal solutions for converting AIFF format to MP3. As our user database is growing, our workforce is growing too. At this moment, we employ several remote employees to accommodate the smooth functioning of the AIFF converter and handle customer support.

Here is how it all started. Our idea came from the need to play the content of AIFF files on all devices, not just Apple iOS devices. That is the reason for developing an algorithm to convert AIFF files to MP3 format. As we live in fast-changing times, technology should be there to ease our work and life as much as possible. That is why our first goal was the AIFF converter needed to be FREE. And we delivered; try it yourself as our many users do every day. Countless conversions a day give us an affirmation of the success of hard work and patience.

We are proud that the AIFF converter is everything it should be, a free, fast, and secure online tool that is here to stay in the service of its users across the world.